Hida Nakari

A proud crab bushi in service to Yasuki Jima.


Hida Nakari is a crab bushi serving as yojimbo to Yasuki Jima, who leads the Crab Clan delegation to The Court of the Summer Snow.

Nakari has proven his devotion to Clan and Empire having served several years on The Kaiu Wall leading samurai and soldiers in the defence of Rokugan. His prowess in combat has been proven on multiple occasions.

Arranged well before he was born, Nakari is married to the daughter of a mid-level member of the Otomo Imperial family. He does not speak much of his wife, only noting that she is pleasant and does not have a plain face. As the relationship was politically arranged, Nakari sees to maintaining it when he must and not much more.

Beyond his large physical size, typical for Hida in the Crab Clan, Nakari’s skin is motley and discoloured on his left side from the neck to his thigh. Nakari does not speak of the deformity and considers it an insult when someone points it out, or worse mocks him for it.


Hida Nakari

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