Doji Kumo


A young Crane Courtier who was sent to study with the Spider due to a dueling incident in his youth. DEAD


Doji Kumo was sent to study the Spider Clan and their courtiers within the Daigotsu school. And while offered many times the opportunity to take up cause of the Spider Clan, he returned to his home and the Crane when the training was finished.

In spite of the many challenges and situation that he faced, Kumo returned with his honor intact and was, to the surprise of many found to be both clean of taint and loyal to the Crane.

He is now a fountain of in-depth information on the minds of Spider Courtiers.

That said, not all Crane are happy that he is still around, some distrust him and he is often the target of complex jokes…nothing obvious however….because who’d want to upset someone who has trained with the Spider….and carries no weapons.

Doji Kumo

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